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FALL OUT BOY DISTRACTION (with alot more than FOB and not so much distraction!) - Its123luv [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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FALL OUT BOY DISTRACTION (with alot more than FOB and not so much distraction!) [Oct. 24th, 2006|02:50 pm]
Its123luv Fanfiction

Kaleigh: hi, im Kaleigh, and the usual host had a little bit of an accident before the show, so ill be filling in for him.

(there is a loud sound coming from a closet in the studio. Kaleigh walks off stage and you hear a loud thud and a slammed door.)

Kaleigh: ok, now that that’s been fixed, hows about we meet our contestants?

(Four guys walk out on stage and every girl in the audience screams)

Kaleigh: FALL OUT BOY! So, lets get to know our contestants!

(Turns to contestants)

Kaleigh: so, Joe, which one of your band mates do you believe is a closet leprechaun?

Joe: (thinks about it) PATRICK!

Kaleigh: CORRECT!


Kaleigh: we said CLOSET leprechaun. Of course you’d deny it. So, Patrick, which of your cohorts thinks that this is the dumbest game show in the universe?

Patrick: (mumbles something about leprechauns under his breath.) uhm… Joe.

Kaleigh: WRONG! It is in fact, Peter. Peter, why do you hate it? Is it the dumb British guy?

Peter: suuuurrrrreeee….. Lets go with that…

Kaleigh: SO, Peter which one of your friends do you think is the hottest?


Kaleigh:just asking…..ok, fine ill choose for you…..andy.

Patrick: HEY! why andy?

Kaleigh: because, your just to short.

Patrick: HEY!

Peter: then why not me?

Kaleigh:cuz you just seem like you would be a jerk.

Peter: HOW RUDE!

Kaleigh: this is distraction. I can be rude.

Joe: why not me?

Kaleigh: because nobody likes you.

Joe: (is very offended)

Andy: ( smiles smugly)


(Kaleigh walks over to the guys and starts talking)

Kaleigh: HI! You guys are like my favorite band!

Patrick: then whyd you call me a leprechaun?

Kaleigh: cuz im taller than you . im 14 and a girl.you do the math. Your supposed to be able to grandpa.

Peter:I want cake.

Andy: you ALWAYS want cake Peter. Everybody always wants cake.

Peter: Then why don’t people carry around cake just in case?

Joe: can YOU fit an entire cake in your pocket Peter?

Peter: no…but stil….
Kaleigh: well,weregonna need you guys to sign these medical wavers.

Peter:why?!(eyes her suspiciously)

Kaleigh: just in case you trip on a stair or something….

(theysign the wavers)

Kaleigh: weve got ten seconds. get to your booth thingies!

(everybody rushes to their places.)


Kaleigh: helo everybody, and welcome back. Our first challenge is called Fan Girl Fight. Contestants must answer questions while being mobbed by seven crazed teenage girls.

Patrick: (looks scared)

Andy: (has fallen asleep at the buzzer , and hasn’t heard the challenge.)

Peter: (is seeing if there are paramedics in the room)

Joe: (Has a bunch of chocolate chip cookies and is eating them.)

Peter: HEY! How come joe gets cookies???

fan who gave him the cookies: because your fat.

Peter: I AM NOT FAT!!

Kaleigh: (shoos away fangirl) okay, first up in this challenge is ANDY!!!

Andy: (wakes up)huh? What?(Is pushed onstage by three intimidating guys.)

Kaleigh: on your mark!

Andy: Wait!

Kaleigh: get set!

Andy: Hold it!

Kaleigh: GO!

(andy is attacked by seven teenage girls who start babbling incoherently)

Kaleigh: what is the capital of kansas?

Andy: uhm(gets hugged by fan girl who soon starts attacking him)ow! OW! OWWW! GET OFF!!! OW!! HELP!?!

Kaleigh: incorrect. What is the closest star to earth?

Patrick: (falls over laughing.) he….girls….answer….o…my…god….(is having trouble breathing due to laughter.)

Andy: Uhm…..no! I will not marry you!(throws a shoe into the crowd to distract fangirls.)uhhmm the sun?!

Kaleigh: Correct! Which one of the following is NOT a planet: Pluto , Neptune , andromeda, or venus?



Kaleigh: CORRECT.10 seconds to go!

Andy: (has been scratched to the point of bleeding by a girl wanting his t-shirt.)I NEED A PARAMEDIC!!! WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?!!!!!

(crowd has hadto be held back by 12 or 13 security guards)
(andy is led off stage to the paramedics booth)

Kaleigh: aww , that’s it for andy.lets hope someone else only gets one right.nextup: JOE!

Joe: (walks on stage.)

Kaleigh: on your mark! Get set! Go!!

(the fan girls attack.)

Kaleigh: alright, what does SCUBA stand for?

Joe:uhm….sustained..controlled…..underwater..OW!!!.. breathing…oof!(is being hugged to death)….aid?

Kaleigh: wrong! Who said, “ I have a dream”?

(Joe takes a while answering due to the fact he is running away and cant answer and breath at the same time)

Joe: MARTINLUTHERKING!! (is running from fan girls , and gets tackled by one.)

Kaleigh:incorrect, martin lutherking JUNIOR. what is the capital of Transylvania?

Joe:I don’t know! pass!

Kaleigh: okay, final question, what were Abraham Lincoln’s sons’ names?

Joe:Jacob andBill?(he is still running.)


Kaleigh: oooh , too bad, Andy , looks like your safe!


Kaleigh:we could always put you in the stands filled with teenage girls…..

andy: NO THANKS!

Kaleigh: okay, next up is Peter!

Peter: ok…(turns to Patrick) if I don’t live through this, don’t touch my stuff.

Patrick: (is afraid in knowing hes next….)

(Peter is lead on stage by the intimidating guys wearing ear pieces.)

Kaleigh: On your mark! Get set! GO!!

(Peteris ravaged by the fan girls)

Kaleigh: okay Peter, who was the second president of the united states?

Peter: ( is beingforce-fed ancient fruit cake by a british fan)MRRMPH!(swallows)yes,the fruit cake Is good, stop feeding me!! Andrew jackson?

Kaleigh: correct! What is the national sport of the USA?

Peter: baseball!( has gone backstage but has been found by a fan.)

fan: I FOUND HIM!!!!

Kaleigh: who wrote TheHobbit?

Peter: (runs)

Kaleigh: is Peter still there?

(Peter runs out from behind a curtain.)


Kaleigh: ok, Peter , good job. Next up, Patrick.

Patrick: Peter..save me……


(Patrick is forced on stage by the scary security guards.)

Kaleigh: on your mark! Get set! Go!

(patrickis attacked.)

Kaleigh: who is (gets half-way through question,when the crowd breaks through the security barrier.)

(there is a sea of fans,and the entire band disappears. The last thing you see is patricksright hand waving for help before it is lost in the fans….)


Kaleigh: okay, since everyones okay,and we’ve made sure there are no more fans withn a 2mile radius, we have decided to continue.

Patrick: we?!

Kaleigh: (glares at him.) Three words: rabid----fan----girls.

Patrick: huh?

Kaleigh: there are at least 500 fans within calling range….


Kaleigh: you know, ive got some fruitcake in the back im sure youd LOVE…

Peter: (has developed an extreme fear of fruitcake)NO! im fine. Andy, you fine?

Andy: (in shock) i…lost my shoe…

Joe: I think we lost him….

Patrick: whats our next suicide attem---(Kaleigh shoots him a glare)---I mean ‘challenge’?

Kaleigh: you have to hit yourself in the face with a pie of sorts every time you get an answer right.

Peter: that’s just wrong. what happens if your wrong?

Kaleigh: you get cake.

Peter: O!doesnt sound to bad…..

Kaleigh:its fruitcake….just so you know we had this planned three days ago. No way around it.

Peter: O.o must…be…right…..

Andy: where’s my shoe?

Joe: (walks over to Andy and slaps him)

Andy: OW! What was that for?


Kaleigh: (laughs)

Joe: what?

Kaleigh: listen to what you said,and tellme it doesnt sound stupid…

Joe: shut up.hes talking about something other than his shoe, so im good.

Patrick: it was horrible…hes lucky he can even TALK.

Joe:you were only in it for 5 minutes.all of us were in there TWICE.

Patrick: yes, but I also lost my hat…

Kaleigh: ITS A HAT. GET OVER IT.lets start the cvhallenge. Go to your booths..

(everyone goesto their booths.)

Kaleigh. Ok, GO!

Kaleigh: who first invented the automobile?

Peter: (BUUZ)FORD!


Peter: (hits himself in the face with an innocent looking pie.))ick! Itsketchup!

Kaleigh: Who was the last pharaoh in the Ptomely line?


Kaleigh:you didn’t buzz.

Andy: (buzz) CLEOPATRA!

Kaleigh: correct.

Andy: (gets hit with a pie) OH!its lemon meruinge!

Patrick: answer thief!

Andy: hey,its your own fault for not buzzing.

Peter: he speaks the truth.

Patrick: fruitcake.

Peter: (hides under booth.)

Kaleigh: (stops the timer knowing that they weren’t gonna play for a while.)

Joe: how come you couldn’t stop the timer earlier?

Kaleigh: cuz im the writer and I said so.

Patrick: that’s not right. You could control our every move and use our popularity for evil….

Kaleigh: I'm evil ,but im not THAT evil. I would never use you for evil.

Peter: (sticks head out from behind booth)or so you say…

Andy: YEA! She could be lying!

Kaleigh: I'm the writer ,and i say I'm telling the truth. thats that.

Kourtney:I'm the writers sister, and I'm sorry, but i agree with Peter.
Peter: since when are YOU in the story?
Kourtney: since I helped your sorry ass.
Kourtney: are too
Peter :are not.
Joe: why do I seem to be the least important character?

Kaleigh: Because you ARE. :P

Joe: how nice.

Kaleigh: NOOOO!!!!!!! (is in shock)
Kourtney: she is Not nice. And don’t feel bad joe. your cool. And be happy,you aren’t covered in ketchup pie.
Kaleigh, (glares)
Andy: (to patrick)whats up with her?...

Patrick: shes just nuts.
kourtney : someone FINALLY AGREES!!!(runs over and hugs patrick)
Kaleigh: (shoots patrick a glare) first ,I accidentally deleted the titles of one of my favorite songs from itunes.
Kourtney:ha. karma ROCKS!!! your cd ruining days are OVER!!!!

Peter: (has come out from under his booth.) so? that doesn’t sound to bad…

Kaleigh: it was one of your songs, and I cant remember the title to put it back! I asked my sister, cuz she had the cd, and she wont tell me!!

Kourtney: cause I'm cool like that.
Andy: isn’t she being a little overdramatic??(to Peter)

Peter: don’t piss her off! she might smite thee with her awesome powers as the author!
kourtney: (hides under her booth) he is right.
Andy:freak. (frying pan falls out of the sky and hits him on the head.)(he falls over,unconscious)

Peter: told ya so.
kourtney: do not doubt her cruelness. TRUST ME.

Kaleigh: I wanted an anvil , but a frying pan worked just as well.

Patrick : note to self : DON’T PISS OFF AUTHOR.

Peter: I don’t need a note to self. I'm not ignorant like you guys.

Kourtney:I AM NOT IGNORANT !!! im just not completley “right”up there (taps her head).
Patrick:..is she ok?....she seems a little odd.
Kaleigh: oh, shes always like this. its the combination of brain washing music , educational t v, too many nonfiction books ,and WAY to much sugar intake.
Kourtney : ( smiles proudly)
Andy: ok then.
Kaleigh back to the game!! and I am sorry to say, I'm switching the rules for kourtney-
Kaleigh:- AS I WAS SAYING ,since you will most likely answer a lot, you get a pie every time you get one right, wrong, and just when I feel like it.
Kourtney: but that’s not- (is interrupted by being hit in the face by a pie) HEY!!!
Kaleigh: I felt like it.
Kourtney: (mutters something under her breath)
Kaleigh:what was that?
Kourtney :nothing.
Patrick: lets get back to the game.
Peter:awww,but the fight was entertaining!!
Kaleigh and kourtney: (get evil look on faces)
Peter:whats with the look?its kinda creep-(gets pie thrown in face) 0.O WTF?!! NOT COOL!!!ANRD PATRICK I'm GONNA KICK YOUR-
Patrick: what-did-i-do?(in between giggles)
Andy: Patrick, you laugh like a thirteen year old girl.
Joe: feeling left out again…..
Andy and kourtney: ( run up and hug Joe)
Kaleigh: awwwwwww *gag* * utterly repulsed by hugging being put in her story*
Kaleigh:back to the game. What natural event can lead to a pyroclastic flow?(throws pie at kourtney)
Kourtney: buzz volcanoe eruption
Kaleigh:yep.(another pie)
Peter: that’s disturbing, you weren’t deterred in the least from the first pie.
Kourtney: you get used to it.
Patrick: (looking scared) what do you mean “USED TO IT”
Kourtney:this happens all the time.(looks off in the distance as if remembering something)poor green day.
Patrick: (now looking TERRIFIED)what do you mean “POOR GREEN DAY”?WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM?!!!

Kaleigh: (glares at kourtney)I thought I told you to NEVER mention that.
Kourtney:I'm guessing I'm off the show.

Kaleigh: (conjures big red button out of nowhere) yup.(presses it, revealing a big black hole under kourtney)

Kourtney: ILL BE BACK!!!

Kaliegh: yea i know you will.

All of FOB:0.o
Kaleigh: what?
ALL: ( run for exit, which magically disappears)
Kaleigh: first off, shell be back, you heard her yourselves, second off, YOUR JUST REALIZING I'm PHSYCO?!!!
Peter:you scare me.

Kaleigh:I scare most people. Don’t feel special.
Patrick: but he IS special
Peter: hey!!! Whats that supposed to mean?!!
Patrick: nothing…….

[User Picture]From: meatwad_cutey
2008-07-25 06:54 am (UTC)
That was hilarious!
I would have totally attacked Patrick. <3
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