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Youthful Innocence [1/2?] [Oct. 24th, 2006|03:02 pm]
Its123luv Fanfiction


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Title: Youthful Innocence: A Halloween Story [1/?]

Author: XXXwentzXXX

Summary: Pete, Patrick, Joe & Andy venture into the haunted house set up in Pete’s backyard.

Author Notes: Very AU. The boys are about 6-8 years old. & this chapter is very short.
i just wanted to post in the new comm maybe more people will post their stories

Disclaimer: Don’t own Fall Out Boy…and this never happened.


“We are fineee!” Petey whined as his mom was making sure him and his friends were going to be alright walking through the backyard haunted house.


“Okay sweetie, just making sure. Oh Andy is at the door.”


“Otay mommy, Ill answer da dorwa.” Petey replied as he opened the door. He giggled when he saw Andy with green hair and a brown t-shirt and pants. “Ehehe Andeee what ara you? And whya is your haiw gween?” He questioned as Andy jumped at the sight of Pete’s costume.


“Imma twee.”


“Oh dats coool. Imma vampire. GRRR RAWR!” Petey screamed as he ran to the kitchen.

Andy followed him screeching “Save da aminals!”


Joe and Patrick were already in the kitchen eating candy apples. “Thanths again Mrs. Wethnz for thesth apples.” Joe mumbled, as he was finishing up his food.

“Aw no problem Joe. Are you boys ready to go in the backyard?”