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i re did the beginning of the story i had goin... [Nov. 15th, 2006|10:19 pm]
Its123luv Fanfiction
here you go amanda.. tell me what you think

"Andy! Stop!" I yelled to my brother. He held me down by his knee on my back, tickling me to death. I really need to know how to beat a big brother up.

"Give it back first!" He yelled. I shook my head.

"You have to stop im trying to study!" I screamed at him. He was a good drummer, but sometimes its for the worse. God I wish Mom was here.

"I don't care. I have to practice." He said simply and pinched the back of my arm. Believe it or not, it hurt like hell.

"FINE. JUST GET OFF AND ILL GIVE YOU YOUR STUPID DRUM STICK." I said, aggravated. He stood up and smiled. I stood and held it out to him but then got a better idea.

"SYKE." I said, jolting away and up the stairs to my room. He followed close behind, close enough to hit the door when I closed it. He banged on it for about 10 minutes and we yelled back and forth to eachother before the was a phonecall. I answered it from my phone in my room.

"He-" Was all I heard because Andy was being too loud.


I could hear Andy sigh angerily through the door and I mocked him, sighing just the same.

"Sorry," I said through the reciever,"Continue."

A guys voice chuckled.
"Could I talk to Andy." He asked.

"Well actually no, because Were fighting right now and if I open the door he will murder me. But you can tell me what you need to say to him." I offered.

"Uhh, sure. Uh. Just tell him the we found a singer and we want him to get over to Pete's house tonight so we can carpool over to this kids house to see how good he is and.. yeah. Got that?" He asked.

"Yessir, ill let him know." I replied, we exchanged goodbyes and hung up.

"Who was it?!" He called through the door.

"Some guy saying he wanted you to go to some guys house so you can meet some guy." I said.

"Damnit! Was the guys name Pete?" He called again.

"No, but I think they said they wanted you to go to Petes. Whoever that is." I said again, getting back to my homework and setting his drum stick on the desk next me.

"Alright.Tell mom i'll be back later then."

I could tell he was frustrated so I didn't answer. I heard him close the door and get in his car, zooming off. I hope it was his car at least. I wouldnt be surprised if he took mine. I think im the only one that knows Andy's evil side. But then again I think im the only one that can drag it out of him.

that good?

[User Picture]From: amandaapoclypse
2006-11-17 08:11 pm (UTC)
i loveeee it so far.
its good. :]]
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