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(no subject) [Jul. 21st, 2007|12:34 am]
Its123luv Fanfiction

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i re did the beginning of the story i had goin... [Nov. 15th, 2006|10:19 pm]
Its123luv Fanfiction
here you go amanda.. tell me what you think

"Andy! Stop!" I yelled to my brother. He held me down by his knee on my back, tickling me to death. I really need to know how to beat a big brother up.

"Give it back first!" He yelled. I shook my head.

"You have to stop im trying to study!" I screamed at him. He was a good drummer, but sometimes its for the worse. God I wish Mom was here.

"I don't care. I have to practice." He said simply and pinched the back of my arm. Believe it or not, it hurt like hell.

"FINE. JUST GET OFF AND ILL GIVE YOU YOUR STUPID DRUM STICK." I said, aggravated. He stood up and smiled. I stood and held it out to him but then got a better idea.

"SYKE." I said, jolting away and up the stairs to my room. He followed close behind, close enough to hit the door when I closed it. He banged on it for about 10 minutes and we yelled back and forth to eachother before the was a phonecall. I answered it from my phone in my room.

"He-" Was all I heard because Andy was being too loud.


I could hear Andy sigh angerily through the door and I mocked him, sighing just the same.

"Sorry," I said through the reciever,"Continue."

A guys voice chuckled.
"Could I talk to Andy." He asked.

"Well actually no, because Were fighting right now and if I open the door he will murder me. But you can tell me what you need to say to him." I offered.

"Uhh, sure. Uh. Just tell him the we found a singer and we want him to get over to Pete's house tonight so we can carpool over to this kids house to see how good he is and.. yeah. Got that?" He asked.

"Yessir, ill let him know." I replied, we exchanged goodbyes and hung up.

"Who was it?!" He called through the door.

"Some guy saying he wanted you to go to some guys house so you can meet some guy." I said.

"Damnit! Was the guys name Pete?" He called again.

"No, but I think they said they wanted you to go to Petes. Whoever that is." I said again, getting back to my homework and setting his drum stick on the desk next me.

"Alright.Tell mom i'll be back later then."

I could tell he was frustrated so I didn't answer. I heard him close the door and get in his car, zooming off. I hope it was his car at least. I wouldnt be surprised if he took mine. I think im the only one that knows Andy's evil side. But then again I think im the only one that can drag it out of him.

that good?
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(no subject) [Nov. 14th, 2006|04:43 pm]
Its123luv Fanfiction
<----- natalie

wants to be in it randomly.
okee cool.
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Update on Halloween contest [Oct. 26th, 2006|03:15 pm]
Its123luv Fanfiction

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Start sending in your fanfics, the deadline its 12:00 am on Oct 31st!

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FALL OUT BOY DISTRACTION (with alot more than FOB and not so much distraction!) [Oct. 24th, 2006|02:50 pm]
Its123luv Fanfiction

Kaleigh: hi, im Kaleigh, and the usual host had a little bit of an accident before the show, so ill be filling in for him.

(there is a loud sound coming from a closet in the studio. Kaleigh walks off stage and you hear a loud thud and a slammed door.)

Kaleigh: ok, now that that’s been fixed, hows about we meet our contestants?

(Four guys walk out on stage and every girl in the audience screams)

Kaleigh: FALL OUT BOY! So, lets get to know our contestants!

(Turns to contestants)

Kaleigh: so, Joe, which one of your band mates do you believe is a closet leprechaun?

Joe: (thinks about it) PATRICK!

Kaleigh: CORRECT!


Kaleigh: we said CLOSET leprechaun. Of course you’d deny it. So, Patrick, which of your cohorts thinks that this is the dumbest game show in the universe?

Patrick: (mumbles something about leprechauns under his breath.) uhm… Joe.

Kaleigh: WRONG! It is in fact, Peter. Peter, why do you hate it? Is it the dumb British guy?

Peter: suuuurrrrreeee….. Lets go with that…

Kaleigh: SO, Peter which one of your friends do you think is the hottest?


Kaleigh:just asking…..ok, fine ill choose for you…..andy.

Patrick: HEY! why andy?

Kaleigh: because, your just to short.

Patrick: HEY!

Peter: then why not me?

Kaleigh:cuz you just seem like you would be a jerk.

Peter: HOW RUDE!

Kaleigh: this is distraction. I can be rude.

Joe: why not me?

Kaleigh: because nobody likes you.

Joe: (is very offended)

Andy: ( smiles smugly)


(Kaleigh walks over to the guys and starts talking)

Kaleigh: HI! You guys are like my favorite band!

Patrick: then whyd you call me a leprechaun?

Kaleigh: cuz im taller than you . im 14 and a girl.you do the math. Your supposed to be able to grandpa.

Peter:I want cake.

Andy: you ALWAYS want cake Peter. Everybody always wants cake.

Peter: Then why don’t people carry around cake just in case?

Joe: can YOU fit an entire cake in your pocket Peter?

Peter: no…but stil….
Kaleigh: well,weregonna need you guys to sign these medical wavers.

Peter:why?!(eyes her suspiciously)

Kaleigh: just in case you trip on a stair or something….

(theysign the wavers)

Kaleigh: weve got ten seconds. get to your booth thingies!

(everybody rushes to their places.)


Kaleigh: helo everybody, and welcome back. Our first challenge is called Fan Girl Fight. Contestants must answer questions while being mobbed by seven crazed teenage girls.

Patrick: (looks scared)

Andy: (has fallen asleep at the buzzer , and hasn’t heard the challenge.)

Peter: (is seeing if there are paramedics in the room)

Joe: (Has a bunch of chocolate chip cookies and is eating them.)

Peter: HEY! How come joe gets cookies???

fan who gave him the cookies: because your fat.

Peter: I AM NOT FAT!!

Kaleigh: (shoos away fangirl) okay, first up in this challenge is ANDY!!!

Andy: (wakes up)huh? What?(Is pushed onstage by three intimidating guys.)

Kaleigh: on your mark!

Andy: Wait!

Kaleigh: get set!

Andy: Hold it!

Kaleigh: GO!

(andy is attacked by seven teenage girls who start babbling incoherently)

Kaleigh: what is the capital of kansas?

Andy: uhm(gets hugged by fan girl who soon starts attacking him)ow! OW! OWWW! GET OFF!!! OW!! HELP!?!

Kaleigh: incorrect. What is the closest star to earth?

Patrick: (falls over laughing.) he….girls….answer….o…my…god….(is having trouble breathing due to laughter.)

Andy: Uhm…..no! I will not marry you!(throws a shoe into the crowd to distract fangirls.)uhhmm the sun?!

Kaleigh: Correct! Which one of the following is NOT a planet: Pluto , Neptune , andromeda, or venus?



Kaleigh: CORRECT.10 seconds to go!

Andy: (has been scratched to the point of bleeding by a girl wanting his t-shirt.)I NEED A PARAMEDIC!!! WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?!!!!!

(crowd has hadto be held back by 12 or 13 security guards)
(andy is led off stage to the paramedics booth)

Kaleigh: aww , that’s it for andy.lets hope someone else only gets one right.nextup: JOE!

Joe: (walks on stage.)

Kaleigh: on your mark! Get set! Go!!

(the fan girls attack.)

Kaleigh: alright, what does SCUBA stand for?

Joe:uhm….sustained..controlled…..underwater..OW!!!.. breathing…oof!(is being hugged to death)….aid?

Kaleigh: wrong! Who said, “ I have a dream”?

(Joe takes a while answering due to the fact he is running away and cant answer and breath at the same time)

Joe: MARTINLUTHERKING!! (is running from fan girls , and gets tackled by one.)

Kaleigh:incorrect, martin lutherking JUNIOR. what is the capital of Transylvania?

Joe:I don’t know! pass!

Kaleigh: okay, final question, what were Abraham Lincoln’s sons’ names?

Joe:Jacob andBill?(he is still running.)


Kaleigh: oooh , too bad, Andy , looks like your safe!


Kaleigh:we could always put you in the stands filled with teenage girls…..

andy: NO THANKS!

Kaleigh: okay, next up is Peter!

Peter: ok…(turns to Patrick) if I don’t live through this, don’t touch my stuff.

Patrick: (is afraid in knowing hes next….)

(Peter is lead on stage by the intimidating guys wearing ear pieces.)

Kaleigh: On your mark! Get set! GO!!

(Peteris ravaged by the fan girls)

Kaleigh: okay Peter, who was the second president of the united states?

Peter: ( is beingforce-fed ancient fruit cake by a british fan)MRRMPH!(swallows)yes,the fruit cake Is good, stop feeding me!! Andrew jackson?

Kaleigh: correct! What is the national sport of the USA?

Peter: baseball!( has gone backstage but has been found by a fan.)

fan: I FOUND HIM!!!!

Kaleigh: who wrote TheHobbit?

Peter: (runs)

Kaleigh: is Peter still there?

(Peter runs out from behind a curtain.)


Kaleigh: ok, Peter , good job. Next up, Patrick.

Patrick: Peter..save me……


(Patrick is forced on stage by the scary security guards.)

Kaleigh: on your mark! Get set! Go!

(patrickis attacked.)

Kaleigh: who is (gets half-way through question,when the crowd breaks through the security barrier.)

(there is a sea of fans,and the entire band disappears. The last thing you see is patricksright hand waving for help before it is lost in the fans….)


Kaleigh: okay, since everyones okay,and we’ve made sure there are no more fans withn a 2mile radius, we have decided to continue.

Patrick: we?!

Kaleigh: (glares at him.) Three words: rabid----fan----girls.

Patrick: huh?

Kaleigh: there are at least 500 fans within calling range….


Kaleigh: you know, ive got some fruitcake in the back im sure youd LOVE…

Peter: (has developed an extreme fear of fruitcake)NO! im fine. Andy, you fine?

Andy: (in shock) i…lost my shoe…

Joe: I think we lost him….

Patrick: whats our next suicide attem---(Kaleigh shoots him a glare)---I mean ‘challenge’?

Kaleigh: you have to hit yourself in the face with a pie of sorts every time you get an answer right.

Peter: that’s just wrong. what happens if your wrong?

Kaleigh: you get cake.

Peter: O!doesnt sound to bad…..

Kaleigh:its fruitcake….just so you know we had this planned three days ago. No way around it.

Peter: O.o must…be…right…..

Andy: where’s my shoe?

Joe: (walks over to Andy and slaps him)

Andy: OW! What was that for?


Kaleigh: (laughs)

Joe: what?

Kaleigh: listen to what you said,and tellme it doesnt sound stupid…

Joe: shut up.hes talking about something other than his shoe, so im good.

Patrick: it was horrible…hes lucky he can even TALK.

Joe:you were only in it for 5 minutes.all of us were in there TWICE.

Patrick: yes, but I also lost my hat…

Kaleigh: ITS A HAT. GET OVER IT.lets start the cvhallenge. Go to your booths..

(everyone goesto their booths.)

Kaleigh. Ok, GO!

Kaleigh: who first invented the automobile?

Peter: (BUUZ)FORD!


Peter: (hits himself in the face with an innocent looking pie.))ick! Itsketchup!

Kaleigh: Who was the last pharaoh in the Ptomely line?


Kaleigh:you didn’t buzz.

Andy: (buzz) CLEOPATRA!

Kaleigh: correct.

Andy: (gets hit with a pie) OH!its lemon meruinge!

Patrick: answer thief!

Andy: hey,its your own fault for not buzzing.

Peter: he speaks the truth.

Patrick: fruitcake.

Peter: (hides under booth.)

Kaleigh: (stops the timer knowing that they weren’t gonna play for a while.)

Joe: how come you couldn’t stop the timer earlier?

Kaleigh: cuz im the writer and I said so.

Patrick: that’s not right. You could control our every move and use our popularity for evil….

Kaleigh: I'm evil ,but im not THAT evil. I would never use you for evil.

Peter: (sticks head out from behind booth)or so you say…

Andy: YEA! She could be lying!

Kaleigh: I'm the writer ,and i say I'm telling the truth. thats that.

Kourtney:I'm the writers sister, and I'm sorry, but i agree with Peter.
Peter: since when are YOU in the story?
Kourtney: since I helped your sorry ass.
Kourtney: are too
Peter :are not.
Joe: why do I seem to be the least important character?

Kaleigh: Because you ARE. :P

Joe: how nice.

Kaleigh: NOOOO!!!!!!! (is in shock)
Kourtney: she is Not nice. And don’t feel bad joe. your cool. And be happy,you aren’t covered in ketchup pie.
Kaleigh, (glares)
Andy: (to patrick)whats up with her?...

Patrick: shes just nuts.
kourtney : someone FINALLY AGREES!!!(runs over and hugs patrick)
Kaleigh: (shoots patrick a glare) first ,I accidentally deleted the titles of one of my favorite songs from itunes.
Kourtney:ha. karma ROCKS!!! your cd ruining days are OVER!!!!

Peter: (has come out from under his booth.) so? that doesn’t sound to bad…

Kaleigh: it was one of your songs, and I cant remember the title to put it back! I asked my sister, cuz she had the cd, and she wont tell me!!

Kourtney: cause I'm cool like that.
Andy: isn’t she being a little overdramatic??(to Peter)

Peter: don’t piss her off! she might smite thee with her awesome powers as the author!
kourtney: (hides under her booth) he is right.
Andy:freak. (frying pan falls out of the sky and hits him on the head.)(he falls over,unconscious)

Peter: told ya so.
kourtney: do not doubt her cruelness. TRUST ME.

Kaleigh: I wanted an anvil , but a frying pan worked just as well.

Patrick : note to self : DON’T PISS OFF AUTHOR.

Peter: I don’t need a note to self. I'm not ignorant like you guys.

Kourtney:I AM NOT IGNORANT !!! im just not completley “right”up there (taps her head).
Patrick:..is she ok?....she seems a little odd.
Kaleigh: oh, shes always like this. its the combination of brain washing music , educational t v, too many nonfiction books ,and WAY to much sugar intake.
Kourtney : ( smiles proudly)
Andy: ok then.
Kaleigh back to the game!! and I am sorry to say, I'm switching the rules for kourtney-
Kaleigh:- AS I WAS SAYING ,since you will most likely answer a lot, you get a pie every time you get one right, wrong, and just when I feel like it.
Kourtney: but that’s not- (is interrupted by being hit in the face by a pie) HEY!!!
Kaleigh: I felt like it.
Kourtney: (mutters something under her breath)
Kaleigh:what was that?
Kourtney :nothing.
Patrick: lets get back to the game.
Peter:awww,but the fight was entertaining!!
Kaleigh and kourtney: (get evil look on faces)
Peter:whats with the look?its kinda creep-(gets pie thrown in face) 0.O WTF?!! NOT COOL!!!ANRD PATRICK I'm GONNA KICK YOUR-
Patrick: what-did-i-do?(in between giggles)
Andy: Patrick, you laugh like a thirteen year old girl.
Joe: feeling left out again…..
Andy and kourtney: ( run up and hug Joe)
Kaleigh: awwwwwww *gag* * utterly repulsed by hugging being put in her story*
Kaleigh:back to the game. What natural event can lead to a pyroclastic flow?(throws pie at kourtney)
Kourtney: buzz volcanoe eruption
Kaleigh:yep.(another pie)
Peter: that’s disturbing, you weren’t deterred in the least from the first pie.
Kourtney: you get used to it.
Patrick: (looking scared) what do you mean “USED TO IT”
Kourtney:this happens all the time.(looks off in the distance as if remembering something)poor green day.
Patrick: (now looking TERRIFIED)what do you mean “POOR GREEN DAY”?WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM?!!!

Kaleigh: (glares at kourtney)I thought I told you to NEVER mention that.
Kourtney:I'm guessing I'm off the show.

Kaleigh: (conjures big red button out of nowhere) yup.(presses it, revealing a big black hole under kourtney)

Kourtney: ILL BE BACK!!!

Kaliegh: yea i know you will.

All of FOB:0.o
Kaleigh: what?
ALL: ( run for exit, which magically disappears)
Kaleigh: first off, shell be back, you heard her yourselves, second off, YOUR JUST REALIZING I'm PHSYCO?!!!
Peter:you scare me.

Kaleigh:I scare most people. Don’t feel special.
Patrick: but he IS special
Peter: hey!!! Whats that supposed to mean?!!
Patrick: nothing…….
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Youthful Innocence [1/2?] [Oct. 24th, 2006|03:02 pm]
Its123luv Fanfiction

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Title: Youthful Innocence: A Halloween Story [1/?]

Author: XXXwentzXXX

Summary: Pete, Patrick, Joe & Andy venture into the haunted house set up in Pete’s backyard.

Author Notes: Very AU. The boys are about 6-8 years old. & this chapter is very short.
i just wanted to post in the new comm maybe more people will post their stories

Disclaimer: Don’t own Fall Out Boy…and this never happened.


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Writing Contest #1: Halloween [Oct. 22nd, 2006|12:19 pm]
Its123luv Fanfiction

[music |Fall Out Boy]

To get the ball rolling on our new community...Im going to have a contest in the spirit of Halloween. The most comments on the certain story wins.

 When titling the contest entry please entitle it : Writing Contest #1: Halloween.
 It will be a standalone, [a one chapter]. 

The topics you can write about are:
1. Fall Out Boy being little kids and trick-or-treating.
2. A Halloween party that Fall Out Boy attends.

It can be AU, or not. Your choice.

Good Luck! Thank you

Any questions on this contest, just comment this entry.

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